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Educational Programs

Innovation Partners provides a number of different programs to the university community it serves to enhance the commercialization-related efforts of faculty and staff. Innovation Partners also collaborates with other units on campus to design and deliver several of these programs. Browse below to learn more about our educational programs and student experiential learning initiatives.

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Education Concierge Programs and Services

We strive to increase faculty and research staff awareness of commercialization efforts at Texas A&M University, help educate faculty and research staff on the commercialization process so they better understand when and how to submit invention disclosures when they ready, and increase awareness and understanding of the commercialization process amongst undergraduate and graduate students who may contribute to university innovations and commercialization efforts. In the process of developing creative ways to deliver educational programs to achieve these goals, the Education Concierge was born. For more information on any of these programs or services, please contact Beth Deuermeyer.

Pro Bono IP Office Hours

Office hours are available at no cost to Texas A&M faculty, staff, and students. Thirty-minute appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis with IP attorneys from firms across Texas, including many who contract with the Texas A&M University System to provide legal services for Texas A&M System-owned intellectual property. If you are not sure you are ready to meet with an intellectual property attorney, check out our YouTube videos to learn how an IP attorney can help you.

Self-Paced Courses

Innovation Partners has developed several self-paced online courses to help increase the awareness and knowledge of key technology transfer and commercialization-related topics for faculty, staff, and students. Currently available courses cover technology transfer basics for university researchers, intellectual property basics, and patent analytics.

Educational Services


Regular virtual and in-person workshops are provided to faculty, staff, and students on a variety of topics related to technology transfer and commercialization. We are also able to arrange for customized workshops tailored for your department, college, or area of research, upon request. View our upcoming events.

Curriculum Insertion

Our curriculum insertion services incorporate technology commercialization topics into undergraduate and graduate courses on campus. This includes arranging for guest speakers on applicable topics, helping develop projects or assignments aligned with course objectives and technology translation activities, or developing or providing existing online learning modules to include in courses.

Other Educational Resources

Innovation Partners Video Library

Innovation Partners has hosted a variety of webinars and workshops in the past on topics related to the commercialization process, intellectual property, new ventures, licensing, and more. Recorded sessions are available for viewing at the link below.

External Video Library

This video library contains educational material related to the various aspects of technology transfer and commercialization, including how to access content through our partnership with AUTM, a leading organization on technology transfer education, and other helpful material produced by reputable organizations in the region or nationally that we recommend.

Commercialization Fellows Program

Our mission includes making commercialization support part of the university’s educational mission. One way we do that is through our commercialization fellows program, which connects faculty and staff interested in or with expertise in commercialization to our staff through seminars, educational programs, and opportunities to collaborate on moving the fruits of Texas A&M University’s research into the marketplace. If you are interested in learning more or applying to be a commercialization fellow, contact Andrew Morriss, Vice President for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development.

Experiential Programs for Students

Innovation Partners offers a variety of learning experiences for students interested in increasing their exposure to and understanding of intellectual property and commercialization activities in a university tech transfer environment. For more information on any of these programs, please contact Megan Brown.

Market Research Graduate Assistant Program

Through this program, we offer graduate students with a science background the opportunity to assist with project management, technical and business activities related to technology translation efforts within Texas A&M University including the Health Science Center. This program provides an excellent opportunity to gain valuable real-world exposure to bridging science with the business world – learning about intellectual property portfolios and the business processes related to taking new inventions from the lab to the commercial market. Students are exposed to new innovations coming from Texas A&M University faculty and staff and will gain first-hand knowledge and skills in how to review and evaluate the market for technologies to determine their commercial potential to be licensed to potential industry partners.

IP Externship

In partnership with the Texas A&M School of Law, we provide externships to law students interested in applying their acquired knowledge about intellectual property and contract law to the university setting and technology commercialization environment. Students in this program will gain a thorough understanding of technology transfer, contract negotiation, and patent prosecution in a University setting. Externs will be exposed to State of Texas contract terms, US and Foreign patent prosecution, and a wide range of cutting-edge technologies. This opportunity will provide students with experience in managing a variety of legal tasks in a timely manner, and demonstrate to potential employers the ability to absorb and utilize new information quickly. The supervising attorney will provide support and feedback for each project undertaken, and the opportunity to interact with outside counsel and inventors is expected. Students may also have the opportunity to engage with Texas A&M System Office of General Counsel IP attorneys on projects related to IP issues, IP enforcement, contract disputes, and contract enforcements as available.

Commercialization Internship

Our office hosts commercialization internships where an applied internship is required by a student’s graduate program, such as the Master in Biotechnology program or otherwise. We welcome the opportunity to provide experiences to students that align with their field of study and can offer real-world application of their coursework, while contributing their learned skills back to the university’s efforts to transfer technologies into the marketplace.

Directed Studies

We engage with students through directed studies opportunities to provide guidance and insight throughout the semester into technology evaluation, market assessment, and commercialization planning processes.

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