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External Educational Resources

AUTM Collaboration

Through our partnership with AUTM, Texas A&M faculty, staff, and students have free access to resources from an industry leading organization for technology transfer education. Through this external resource you can access webinars on various technology transfer and commercialization topics, such as Licensing, Strategy, Intellectual Property Law, Compliance, Startups, Finance, and so much more. Follow the steps below to start browsing.

With hundreds of videos, it can be hard to decide where to start, therefore, we’ve screened and selected a collection of videos that cover protecting your research to developing an exit strategy for your company and everything in between. Our video recommendations can be viewed below.

Follow These Steps for Access

  1. Visit the TAMU Libraries Database.
  2. Search for “AUTM”.
  3. Follow the instructions on the ‘Texas A&M Campus Access Site’ to view webinars.

Other On-Demand Resources We Recommend

Intellectual Property Webinar Series

Hosted by Winstead
Winstead PC presents the Intellectual Property Webinar Series focused on relevant intellectual property (IP) protection strategies for both startup and established technology companies in the space. Join us for a wide range of discussions from IP protection to litigation, licensing to technology transfer.

Image of lightbulb with text instead webinar intellectual property

Webinar Series for Start-ups

Hosted by Knobbe Martens
Join a team of Knobbe Martens attorneys for a webinar series providing practical, detailed information on key IP topics for start-up companies. The discussion for each topic is presented in a two-part format. Part I focuses on introducing the audience members to the topic and providing more general information. Part II focuses on a more detailed exploration of each topic and strategic implications for various scenarios.

Insight on Securing SBIR Funding

Hosted by JLABS
Join our webinar with SBIR experts to learn more about SBIR funding, including eligibility, how to apply, the application road map and more. Our panel experts will share what the different NIH groups are looking for in an application, what their group offers to companies, application do’s and don’ts, and will also be answering your key questions.

How to Navigate Investor Interactions

Hosted by JLABS
Wondering how to best communicate the full potential of your discoveries without spilling the secret sauce? In this webinar, experts of the craft will share practical tips on becoming more effective in communicating your story to investors, increasing your chances of successful fundraising.

Crack The Commercialization Code

Hosted by JLABS
You believe in your science and that it will generate a safe and effective product; unfortunately, that alone might not ensure it reaches patients. From understanding your market and regulatory needs to payor reimbursement and clinical adoption, we aim to provide an aerial view to help define your pathway through the commercialization maze. In this session, we take you through the nuances of the 4 key steps on the path to commercialization: Global markets, Regulatory agencies, Payor reimbursement, Clinician adoption. Join us for practical steps to help maneuver the maze. Like most things for life science entrepreneurs, starting early can help smooth the road.

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