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Partnership Background

Innovation Partners has teamed up with AUTM to curate and deliver an online educational course in the basics of technology transfer specifically to university research staff and faculty. This course is available to Texas A&M University faculty and staff free of charge and is hosted on AUTM’s Learning Center so that it can be made available to other institutions and their employees as well. To learn more about the origins of this partnership and the focus of this learning resource, read the full press release and view the course summary and learning objectives below.

Course Summary

Want to advance your discoveries and innovations out of the lab and into the marketplace? This course, through a series of webinars and activities, will help university researchers understand the basics of technology transfer beginning with invention disclosure, all the way to marketing the invention so that it can be licensed. Discover the fundamental building blocks of technology transfer – from compliance, policy and intellectual property to technology transfer agreements, terms and forms.

Course Topics

Section 1: Basics of Technology Transfer

  • Learn important terms associated with technology transfer, and gain an understanding of the U.S. patent application process.

Section 2: Invention Disclosures

  • Learn why invention disclosure is important and what is required to complete an invention disclosure; gain an understanding of the Bayh-Dole Act and what it means for inventors; ; learn about prior art and how can it interfere with a patent application.

Section 3: Patenting 101

  • Learn what is considered intellectual property, and the differences in types of patents; dive deeper into the U.S. patenting process.

Section 4: Inventorship: Let’s Help Each Other

  • Learn how inventorship is determined and why understanding the difference between inventorship, authorship, and ownership is important; recognize the low-cost documentation that can be kept to help determine inventorship; learn how to spot potential inventorship issues early.

Section 5: Marketing Successful Practices

  • Learn the importance of marketing technologies and be able to differentiate between various marketing strategies.


For questions about accessing the free course as a current Texas A&M University faculty or staff member, contact Beth Deuermeyer.

For questions about accessing the course as a non-Texas A&M University employee, contact Barbara Gunderson with AUTM.

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