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Meet Our Team


Photo Of Mike Sharer

Michael Sharer, Ph.D., MBA

Associate Vice President for Commercialization

Chris Scotti

Director of New Ventures

Megan Brown

Assistant Director

Technology Management & Licensing

Ankur Dayal, MS, MBA

Senior Licensing Manager

George Gillespie

Licensing Associate
Photo Of Daniel Odenwaller

Daniel Odenweller, J.D.

Licensing Services Coordinator

New Ventures

Chris Scotti

Director of New Ventures

Kenneth Closs

New Ventures Associate


Megan Brown

Assistant Director

Ashley Skow

Executive Assistant III
Close Up Photo Of Beth Deuermeyer

Beth Deuermeyer, Ph.D.

Education Concierge
Photo Of Eric Riddle

Eric Riddle

Data Analyst

Student Team Members

The Innovation Partners team also includes several students who come to us with varying backgrounds and experience to engage with our office through a variety of experiential program offerings each semester.

Graduate Assistant Program for Invention Assessment

Current Students

Haley Collins – Animal Science

Marcelo Calderon – Biotechnology

Diego Torres Zuniga – Agribusiness


Former Students

Naveen Gokarn – Biotechnology

Blake Lindler – Biotechnology

Hannah Holt – Architecture

Elijah Canal – Biotechnology

Chantal Neutzler – Biotechnology

Bagisha Maitra – Biotechnology

Aishwarya Vishwanathan – Biotechnology

Thaddeus Tiller – Business

Nichole Mehlhaff – Geography

Mrunal Natu – Biotechnology

Joshua George – Public Health

Innovation Ambassador Program

Former Students

Jonathan Picker – Biochemistry

Intellectual Property Externship

Former Students

Alec Turung – J.D. Program (2L)

Aaron Leiter – J.D. Program (2L)

Jack Hendershott – J.D. Program (2L)

Joshua Greene – J.D. Program (2L)

Spencer Keller – J.D. Program (3L)

Nijm “Ace” Ramsey – J.D. Program (3L)

Commercialization Internship

Former Students

Osama Qureshi – Biotechnology

Bharath Kumar – Biotechnology

Operations Experiences

Current Students

Ramyani Roy – Management of Information Systems

Former Students

Regan Bennett – Business

Advisory Committee for Commercialization

The advisory committee for commercialization was assembled based on nominations solicited from the Deans of each college/component supported by Innovation Partners. The committee is comprised of one key faculty representative from each college and is charged with providing advice and input to Innovation Partners concerning policy or other issues that affect stakeholders; evaluating current needs of stakeholders and demands for new services in relation to commercialization of research and new ideas; and developing a consultative process and communication plan to assure stakeholders are informed of all educational and commercial opportunities offered by Innovation Partners. The current committee members are listed below.


Mark Benden
School of Public Health


Chetan Jinadatha
College of Medicine
Sarbajit Banerjee
College of Science
Charles Culp
College of Architecture
Matthew Etchells
Education and Human Development
Mansoor Khan
College of Pharmacy
Andrew Morriss
Bush School of Government and Public Policy
Stacey Mitchell
College of Nursing
Lynne Opperman
College of Dentistry
Jeff Slattery
School of Law
Sorin Sorescu
Mays Business School
Yubin Zhou
Institute of Biosciences & Technology
Michael Sharer
Innovation Partners
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