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Licensing from Texas A&M University

Innovation Partners is committed to bringing innovations developed within Texas A&M University and its Health Science Center research community into commercial use. Our office acts as the institutional partner for external collaborators in the licensing and transfer of Texas A&M University and Health Science Center technologies to the market, including offering assistance related to intellectual property terms in the exchange of confidential information or materials for research purposes or development efforts.

Many of our technologies have been licensed to well-established companies around the world – to date, more than ​200​ ​technologies​ h​ave been licensed from our portfolio to the marketplace. A high-level overview of the licensing process through the Innovation Partners office is depicted below. If you are interested in learning more about Texas A&M University technologies that are currently in the pipeline, please visit our ​Available Technologies​ database or contact our office at​.

two scientists working on glass tabletop
licensing process flow chart


Texas A&M University utilizes several legal mechanisms to transfer knowledge and intellectual property to external collaborators. Among the most common are option and license agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and material transfer agreements.

Option and License Agreements

Commercial partners interested in Texas A&M University technologies should negotiate terms and conditions for options or licensing the intellectual property with a Innovation Partners licensing manager, in partnership with the Texas A&M System Office of General Counsel, and once negotiations are complete, the agreement will be routed for approval by Texas A&M System Technology Commercialization (TTC).

For more information about licensing intellectual property from Texas A&M University or its Health Science Center, please contact Innovation Partners at ​​.

Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

NDAs concerning university intellectual property are drafted and negotiated by Innovation Partners staff, in partnership with the Texas A&M System Office of General Counsel, and once negotiations are complete, the agreement is routed for approval and execution by Texas A&M System Technology Commercialization (TTC).

NDAs un-related to university-owned intellectual property are handled and executed by Texas A&M Sponsored Research Services and the Texas A&M University Division of Research. Please visit the ​Texas A&M Sponsored Research Services website​ for more information.

Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)

While Innovation Partners staff is consulted on matters concerning Texas A&M University intellectual property terms, the initiation, handling, negotiations, and execution of these agreements for Texas A&M University units is managed by the Texas A&M University Division of Research. Please visit the ​Division of Research website​ for more information.

Peer Commercialization Offices within the Texas A&M System

Innovation Partners is responsible for intellectual property and licensing for Texas A&M University, including the Health Science Center. If you are interested in technologies managed by Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station, AgriLife Research, or Texas A&M Transportation Institute, please contact our peer teams below for more information on their respective technology portfolios.

TAMU Engineering Experiment Station logo

TEES Commercialization and Entrepreneurship

For more than 100 years, TEES has been transforming our world through innovative engineering solutions. The office of Commercialization and Entrepreneurship collaborates closely with TEES Researchers to enable creation and licensing of intellectual property, enhance their industry sponsor research portfolio and help launch startup ventures. Our office also coordinates the processing of invention disclosures, patent filings and licensing closely with Texas A&M Technology Commercialization.

Contact: Craig Carothers, ​

TAMU agrilife logo

Texas A&M AgriLife Intellectual Property & Commercialization

Texas A&M AgriLife Research is the leading research and technology development agency in Texas for agriculture, natural resources, and the life sciences. AgriLife’s IP&C group collaborates with AgriLife-supported scientists and research staff, including faculty within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, to identify, capture, and license intellectual property arising from their research. Our office coordinates information exchange related to IP and licensing with Texas A&M Technology Commercialization and other member commercialization offices.

Contact: Janie Hurley, ​

TAMU Transportation Institute logo

Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) Intellectual Property Program

Since 1950, experts at TTI have developed solutions to the problems and challenges facing all modes of transportation. TTI endeavors to deliver practical, innovative, and sustainable solutions to improve the movement of people, data, and goods through research, education, and technology transfer via the creation of knowledge that transforms transportation for the benefit of society. TTI’s Intellectual Property Program is embedded with TTI engineers, researchers, and scientists to readily provide services involving research, innovations, invention disclosures, commercial licensing, and IP management. It coordinates the processing of invention disclosures, patent filings, and licensing with Texas A&M Technology Commercialization.

Contact: Darrell Kuhn,

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