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Research often generates new ideas for novel technologies which then provides for the creation of traditional publications and presentations. Texas A&M University and its Health Science Center encourage faculty and staff researchers to take that a step further and to translate the results of their academic work beyond the university setting. With the help of Innovation Partners, commercialization efforts can augment traditional academic activities to greatly increase the impact of the work on society, including directly leading to improved products and services, “high-tech” job creation, and economic diversification. Innovation Partners will help you to harness and advance your creative thinking and to translate breakthrough research to the commercial/industrial sector.

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Benefits to Researchers

By participating in IP and commercialization activities, researchers can:

  • Make a positive impact on the general public and stimulate the economy
  • Experience a sense of personal fulfillment
  • Achieve commercial and public recognition
  • Meet the obligations of a research contract
  • Protect the confidential nature of unpublished research
  • Meet employment obligations to Texas A&M
  • Attract additional laboratory or department funding from industry
  • Obtain personal financial rewards for success of inventions in the marketplace
  • Start or participate in a new business venture
  • Gain access to unique resources to further your research efforts

Services for Inventors

We will partner with you in the following ways:

  • Education about the commercialization process
  • Assistance with disclosure submission and evaluation
  • Development of intellectual property protection strategies
  • Assistance with the development of commercialization and funding strategies.
  • Development of market analyses and competitive assessments
  • Identification and marketing of technologies to potential licensees and development​ ​partners.
  • Provide market valuations/financial terms for TAMU inventions/IP
  • Negotiate licenses, options, and other agreements to facilitate commercialization
  • Facilitation of the launch of startup companies to commercialize Texas A&M University​ ​and Texas A&M University Health Science Center intellectual property
  • Development of commercialization assessments around a technology’s business opportunity
  • Provide funding to develop ideas/inventions with potential commercial application
  • Assistance with industry networking and establishment of collaborative research and development partnerships.
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