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When to Disclose and Why It Is Important

No matter how early-stage you think your discovery might be, your research discoveries and new ideas could make a difference and lead to a successful commercial process or product.
This is one reason why disclosing ideas/inventions is important and should be done as early as possible, but in all cases, prior to any publication. Disclosing creations of potential intellectual property to Innovation Partners and/or TTC is also the obligation of all Texas A&M University and System employees, in accordance with System Policy 17.01.

If you have questions about when to disclose your ideas/creations to Innovation Partners, please contact us.

Upon disclosure, should the invention be patentable, we can work with you to develop a strategy for protecting intellectual property rights that does not delay your plans for publication and also allows for as many patent rights as possible to remain intact. Some rights could be lost if you publicly disclose (in a paper or a presentation) your ideas before seeking patent protection.

How to Disclose an Invention or Creation

The ​Texas A&M System Invention Disclosure Form​ or the ​Texas A&M System Software Disclosure Form​ should be filled out with as much detail as possible by the inventor(s)/creators and once completed, should be emailed to ​​. Please also include a copy to Innovation Partners (​​ so that we can assist with tracking progress as needed.

The invention disclosure form is composed of a series of questions which give you the opportunity to describe your invention, identify all inventors involved, and list the grants and publications used in developing your invention. The form will also provide an opportunity to notify our office of any potential commercial partners with which we can follow up to aid in moving your discovery forward and lastly, will provide a legal mechanism to identify your invention and protect it, if applicable.

Disclosure Forms

For more information about completing disclosure forms, we encourage you to take a look at the following resources.

If you have any questions about invention disclosures, please contact us.

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