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Interested in starting a company?

When the path to commercialization involves the development of a new business venture, as is regularly the case for early-stage technologies, Innovation Partners works with researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors to spin-out new companies based on Texas A&M University and Health Science Center innovations and research.

instructor showing two students a vile in laboratory

Resources for New Ventures

University faculty and staff can form startup companies either with the assistance of the university or independently in order to license IP rights from the university. Innovation Partners staff collaborate with inventors on each case to develop an appropriate strategy that is most suitable for the technology and market landscape to provide the best chance for success in the marketplace.

Entrepreneurs and investors are often particularly interested in becoming involved with existing university start-up companies or contributing to the formation of a new venture based on Texas A&M University portfolio technologies. In these instances, Innovation Partners can introduce external partners to available startup opportunities and facilitate interactions with researchers, internal A&M resources, and other applicable resources in our external networks.

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